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Purposeful living

In recent years, you’ve noticed that you don’t have the same commitment and motivation in your life. The Pandemic and 2020 may have brought some home truths for you. Your priorities have become clearer and you want to repurpose yourself and/or your business. 2020 enabled thoughts and feelings to coalesce and perhaps now you are looking for something simpler and a more connected way of living. And some help with what that looks like, feels like and how to get there.


Growing Downwards

Coaching can sometimes be a little like connecting you with your roots. And it can also be the leaves unfolding, revealing, coming to life, oxygenating and creating momentum. And with all of that, there’s a stillness too, of quiet reflection.

When I think about growing downwards, I’m reminded that a healthy tree needs good roots. And when attention is paid to those, how they support the growth of the tree, and for the tree to flourish.

Sometimes we can go round in circles, or cycles, as we revisit past hurts, unhelpful and unwanted patterns of behaviour or a recurring internal monologue. And we think we should have dealt with it. Well, it doesn’t always work like that. I came across a beautiful quote from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo: “Repetition is not failure. Ask the waves, ask the leaves, ask the wind.”

Weaving some

Weaving some

Much of the time I work using my intuition. A sensing of your energy. And an ability to see many threads in your story and how they might weave together. And that weaving which happens as I am meeting you wherever you are in your life enables me to gently pull a thread, the right thread, for you to explore.

I’m increasingly drawn to the unexplained. And there’s something beautiful and magical about a spell and how that spell is woven. I can’t explain the relationship between weaving and magic, I sense that it is there. And it supports my work with you.

Whether you are interested in one2one coaching, systemic teamwork and/or facilitation, it’s incredibly important, to begin with ‘what is’, an acknowledgement of how things are. Working systemically, this is often a major point of revelation, before heading off into the magic of how you’d like things to be.



In recent years, I have recognised the power of holding space for a group of people as well as working one-to-one. When you work with what’s in the room, you are facilitating the what’s current and also emergence of something new. As a facilitator, you need to be present, focussed and flexible and able to identify the systems and patterns that are presented to you by the group and call them out.

I love working systemically with groups who want to learn from and move beyond an event that has had a traumatic impact. The event may have created feelings of failure, shame, guilt and anger within the team. And in order to move forward to learn the lessons, the event needs exploration and closure.

A client recently wrote the most wonderful testimonial following a facilitation.



Cerys wanted to spend more time with her granddaughter. She was struggling to make this happen because of a challenging family relationship, and her son not having much access to his child. There was sadness, frustration. And I had a sense that Cerys needed to stand at the ending of this relationship to enable her to release resentment. Working through this with her helped her to be in service of the family system rather than taking sides. The resentment was released and the drama disappeared. It had been holding her for a number of years and clouding her vision. When she embraced this new way of being, the drama was gone, the time with the family was magical, and Cerys moved forward with creating and finishing a new home in France for her and her partner, and her family to visit. It triggered a sequence of events that included a career change and a relocation, and choosing to live in a more liberated and family-centred way.
John wanted help processing the loss of both parents in the space of a year. He was angry and stuck. With grief, it’s important to acknowledge what’s real and here and now for the individual. And to help them express their grief and for the stuck emotion to be released. John was swallowing his emotion (literally), and working with him to explore his feelings, helping him to become open and vulnerable enabled him to connect with some truths about his parents that hadn’t been visible to him before. This let in love and grief. And now John is re-examining his priorities, taking some time away from work and considering what he really wants to do in the next chapter of his life. He’s calm and connected and energised by thoughts of a different life

The Founder

The  Founder

I started Sweet Success Coaching in 2012 when I took voluntary redundancy and qualified as a Coach and NLP Practitioner. I’ll be honest, all I knew at the time was that I wanted a different life. I had some skills and I knew that I wanted to generate an income doing something which gave me joy and enabled me to live a more blended life. More time for me, for loved ones, and for the wider community I live in.

Finding my purpose has taken a while, although unconsciously I chose three characteristics as part of my branding which, until recently, I haven’t recognised as being really true of me and the way I work. And it’s been so interesting to journey through the landscape of purpose – I don’t believe anyone should feel pressurised to come up with their life’s purpose in an instant. Some things are better when they are allowed to mature for longer.

I love to collaborate with others. The whole is other than the sum of its parts, the often misquoted words of Kurt Koffka. When we work together we create something new.

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Hello, I’m Sue. I’ve been a coach, trainer, and facilitator since 2005 helping people to overcome personal and business-based problems.

I believe that we all deserve to shine bright in this precious life and that we should be encouraged to share our talents with the world. I love seeing people who are doing just this. However, I know from personal experience, and from working with loads of people over the years, that sometimes we can also become stuck, feel lack-lustre and dull, and perhaps feel totally disconnected from what our true gifts and talents are. This is where I love to support people to turn things around.

With individuals, I typically work with issues around confidence, communication, and relationships. Within the workplace, I typically work with both individuals and teams to find new solutions to problems, improve systems and processes, increase motivation, productivity, and personal/team effectiveness.

These may seem like a wildly different mix of things to be helping people with, but they all have one thing in common – and that’s to do with how spotting patterns can transform things.

Magic happens when an individual or team is supported to spot the patterns that create a problem. If these patterns are then explored further to see how they operate in a particular context e.g. family, team, company, or perhaps across every area of their life, then it’s like the glue that’s held that problem in place becomes unstuck.

Clearly seeing the structure of the problem and the context in which it operates enables people to start spotting alternative choices. Alternative choices lead to different outcomes and suddenly old, stuck behaviours can change and new ways of being can emerge. Many experience this as freeing and energising because it becomes possible to map out a new personal future, a new business process or a new project roadmap and move confidently towards the end destination.

I love seeing how the structure of things work. Being able to see both the big picture and the details has enabled me to help clients to uncover their ‘glue’. It’s exciting to see how they progress once they’re unstuck and make progress in their personal and workplace experiences.

If you’ve got a problem in your business or team that you’d like help to resolve, then do get in touch. Meriel and I would love to explore this with you and see how we can help.

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Stay Connected

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