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Or I suppose ‘old habits die hard’. 

It’s New Year, and we are sloughing off the old skin of 2013, and starting 2014 all shiny, new and buffed up (and possibly hungover, but that’s just for today). 

This time last year I wrote a blog about new year’s resolutions so you will be pleased to hear that I am not going to do that again. But I have been thinking about motivation, and why it’s not always present. One of the areas I have always struggled with is my own weight. I’ve been fat all my life, to varying degrees, and been on lots of diets, popped plenty of pills, and always seem to end up back at the same place in the end. 

A few months ago, I was introduced to a nutritionist and personal trainer. It was time to have another crack at my waistline and try something different. I wasn’t expecting anything different to be honest, the same-old same-old in terms of advice, admonishments, and encouragements. I’ve always started these things with great enthusiasm and after a few weeks, with little evidence to show, given up.

This really has been a new start on an old habit. I’ve been shown a new way to look at the challenge, been given permission to think about the challenge in a different way, to change my internal conversations about food, and to date have not been made to feel bad when some food that isn’t on the list has crept in from time to time. The old habits are disappearing, and are being replaced by new ones. 

What’s this got to do with coaching I hear you ask? Well, my trainer has kept me in the present, focussed on the future, clearly visualising the outcome I want to achieve and has helped me set realistic milestones. Crucially, I have not been judged and unhelpful beliefs and thoughts have been banished. Since I began in August 2013, I have lost nearly 30lbs. Life changing.

If you’d like to find out more about what coaching can do for you, or if you want my wondersul personal trainer’s phone number, give me a shout.