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I live a very blended life. I imagine my life as a delicious meal with different elements, and all the ingredients can be altered whenever I choose.

I was lying in the bath late yesterday evening, having returned from a meeting with the choir that I belong to. And was wondering about what I might choose to blog about this morning. And it occurred to me as I was thinking about work and play simultaneously, that writing about creating one’s recipe for living might be worthwhile.

I have a group of new clients at the moment who have a traditional working week. They work long hours in a pressurised and dynamic environment. And many feel choiceless. They want to alter their recipe for living and don’t feel able. Dis-able. I notice the presence of many assumptions and blind loyalties. Assumptions about what’s possible and blind loyalty to colleagues and employers. Not one of them has a loyalty, yet, to themselves. And creating their recipe for living. Does that sound like you?

My role is to help you make small changes which opens your eyes to what’s possible. For example, coming in later and working later so you can get in the exercise you want. Being boundaried about leaving on time on a Wednesday to coach the Under 12’s football/make your rehearsal on time/attend your dance class. Whatever your special ingredient is. And to work with you on tackling the assumptions and loyalties that hold you back. When you can visualise and breathe into the energy that your particular recipe for living gives you, and imagine your life with those ingredients present every day, it creates space and motivation for choice.

And strangely, once you’ve given your new recipe a go, you realise it’s not difficult, no-one is really bothered what hours you work as long as your jobs get done….in fact, those who are still choiceless secretly admire you for making changes and you might even inspire them to do the same.

Why carry using a bland recipe which doesn’t inspire you? Let me help you alter the ingredients and bring your recipe to life.