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As I did in January 2020, I want share with you something I’ve read which tells a great story and I hope resonates with you as much as it does with me. It is the story of Akiba, taken from The Talmud:


When Akiba was on his deathbed, he bemoaned to his rabbi that he felt he was a failure. His rabbi moved closer and asked why, and Akiba confessed that he had not lived a life like Moses. The poor man began to cry, admitting that he feared God’s judgement. At this, his rabbi leaned into his ear and whispered gently: “God will not judge Akiba for not being Moses. God will judge Akiba for not being Akiba.”

There are many Pandemic insights. Personally, it’s the importance of time and living life on my terms (as opposed to society’s expectations) that I’ve found the most compelling. 

In 2021, I encourage you to explore who YOU are and what YOU want during your time on our little blue planet. I’d be thrilled to help you on your way.