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Always see work as play and play as important, Meriel, and soon you won’t know the difference between them.  Let’s all take a work break! The Universe.

A recent Note from The Universe. I knew it was one I wanted to blog about. So in preparation I searched Google for some accompanying photos. This was the first photo Google displayed when I searched for “work”…..

Isn’t that interesting? I was going to write about the negative connotation of the word “work”. And this is what the internet shared with me. Now I guess you could say that I’m seeing that image negatively, rather than noticing the positive energy and motivation. But it just doesn’t look comfortable or happy for the guy in the picture does it?

Of course, I think had to Google for “play”. Predictably, I got nothing but pictures of kids. So I then Googled “adult play”. Haha. You can imagine some of the search results. But this one seemed to fit the bill. 

I think Google may have made my point for me. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to generate an income from doing something that brings you joy? Let’s ban the word “work” in the context of making money. 

And let’s go out to play to make a living!!