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I wrote an earlier blog about being rubbish. I’m not rubbish of course, but at times I have believed I’m rubbish at certain activities. A common area of ‘rubbish-ness’ I find with clients is Confidence, or the lack of it.  

The human brain is an amazing device – no matter how many times we are told during our lives that we are really good at something, it seizes on the one or two times we’ve been told that we aren’t so good at something, and must try harder. This is so evident in the area of confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, or whatever label you choose to give it.

I was with a client recently discussing self-confidence. The coaching conversation enabled the client to see the evidence was stacked up that they had operated with confidence in different environments throughout their life. But they didn’t believe it. Asking the client to articulate how they would like to be confident, and then taking them through an exercise of ‘chunking-up’ that desire into something really positive and inspirational, enabled the client to clearly visualise and connect emotionally with the feeling of confidence. 

The client put on a cloak of confidence in front of my eyes, did it up, and walked out of the room in it.  Wow!
The New Year beckons. What’s stopping you from wearing your cloak of confidence in 2013?

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