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This week, some of my clients have been sharing their frustrations with me about not being quite where they imagined they’d be, whether it’s in their plan, or more generally in their life. 

We’ve taken to walking and talking, using our beautiful countryside as a metaphor. We wondered how flowers and trees felt when their plan was to be in bloom by a certain point in the year and they were late (I know, anthropomorphising…). They aren’t in command of the weather are they? But what we experience is truly spectacular when they do finally bloom.

As if by magic, this Note from The Universe arrived in my inbox this morning, and I just had to share it with you straight away.

“Some people bloom late. Some very late. And some very, very late. But, Meriel, they all bloom. And the longer it takes, the more spectacular it is. Quite the deal, huh? The Universe.”