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β€œThe thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.” Anna Quindlen.

I attended a workshop back in February. The host shared a thought process of hers with us at the outset. She talked about her mindset in the run up to the workshop. It’s an important and recurring event which she treasures. And she’d noticed that she was telling herself of the need to be at her best, in her preparation and on the day. 

I wrote a piece about killing time and the ebb and flow of my week. And I recognise that part of my own thought process is to provide the best possible weekend experience for my partner because I want the weekend to be perfect. 

And I have realised that the need to be the best or to create the perfect experience is dominant in my life. And I engage in much planning and timetabling, and worrying. And that the consequence of the need to be the best and for things to be perfect, is that I am rarely present in the moment as I’m worrying about the outcome.

So when this thought process was shared with the workshop group, there was a universal resonance. A recognition. And the realisation of what we are losing by striving to be the best instead of bringing our all. 

If we showed up, and brought our all to our lives and lived in our truth, that would be amazing. We’ve learned and been programmed to aim for best. And that somehow is at odds with All.

And today, 1 April, our world is very different. And perhaps now more than ever is a time to bring our all. I notice how To Be My Best today might come from a place of anxiety, and that doesn’t feel helpful or calm. And it seems that Calm right now is a good thing, and something that will keep each of us more healthy. Bringing My All acknowledges that each day I bring all that I have available to me on that day. And some days that might be very little. And that’s okay.

What needs to change for you to show up and bring your all? I can help you with that.