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“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Farrah Gray.

When I first saw this quote in my Five Minute Journal, I was immediately drawn to the importance of generating an income from doing something you love. Too often I meet people who tell me they hate their job, or are trapped doing something they don’t like. And sadly realise that they’ve spent half of their adult life with this arrangement and don’t believe that they have any choice but to continue with it. 

It occurs though that this quote isn’t just about work. It’s anything. Anything at all where you are doing something at the request of someone else because it’s easier than following (or creating and following) your own dream. 

I left mainstream employment nearly seven years ago, and haven’t looked back. And I regularly work with folk who know that they want to stop compromising their own dreams, just don’t know how to go about it. I’m not saying it’s all roses…. there are days when I find it hard to self-motivate, and days when I worry about money. But when I look at the life I have now, and the freedom I have now, there really is no way I’d ever go back to building someone else’s dreams.

If you are feeling trapped, choiceless, and stuck in something which doesn’t fulfil you but does pay the mortgage, think about this…… stand at the end of your life and look back through your life. What do you see if you keep on that same path? It’s not a great view is it. Now repeat. Stand at the end of your life and look back AS IF you had followed your dreams, your agenda, and had taken some difficult choices to bring that to life? What do you see?

Choices are always there. They might be hard ones. But they are there.

Every time I watch this video it makes me smile. Partly because when the plan comes together, it’s so beautiful. But mostly because of the quality of the dream and how it comes to life. Enjoy.