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I’ve just come back from my swim. This year I joined a private leisure club as it would cost the same as my local public pool, and I can swim in the new pool at any time of day I like, and it’s nearly always empty or shared with only one or two. It’s turned swimming into a luxurious joy.

As I have been swimming up and down in the beautiful, blue mosaic water, I’ve noticed the same behaviour eveyr time. When I first glide into the water, my goggles are clear. I can see around me, my stroke is calm and elegant, languid even, and my feelings are of contentment, direction, beauty. It’s completely transformational.

A few lengths later, and my goggles are misting. My stroke becomes less organised, and my swim turns into something transactional, where I’m there to power through.

My body has been giving me a metaphor. When I have clarity of vision, I am in flow. It’s effortless. I feel serene. Like I’m gliding through the water with no resistance at all. FLOW. When I lack clarity, I become aware of the effort, I notice it isn’t orderly and organised, and I use my strength to move through it.

I’ve set myself a target that I’m not allowed to stop and un-fog my goggles until I’ve done 20 lengths, so that I can keep my heart rate up. And I’m not sure now how that is serving me. If I don’t allow myself the clarity of vision, I might be powering along in an unhelpful direction.

As a separate exercise (and probably separate blog too), I’ve spent the year feeling restless. Today I realised it’s because I’ve ticked every box on a visionboard I created many years ago. I need to do a new one.

Taking off your foggy goggles on a regular basis to clean them, see where you are and where you are headed, what you’ve passed along the way, is a valuable use of your time. You might, like me, be noticing the effort of powering through the fog.

Stop. Clean your goggles. Get clarity of vision. Get back into flow. Drop me a line if this is something you’d like some help with.

Tangentially, here’s a funny video of my local amateur dramatic society recreating synchronised swimming as a land-based activity.