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While I was thinking of a title for this post, I recalled an advert from my youth for a certain brand of toothpaste, which had a strapline about ‘a ring of confidence’. Actually, it’s quite relevant to this post.

As a Coach, the issue most frequently presented to me by clients is their belief that they lack confidence, or they need confidence, and they want me to give them confidence. The confidence to try something new, be who they really are. 

The word I would use to describe what it is that they are after is Courage. Deep down, we often know what we are afraid of and what needs to be done to overcome that fear. We lack the courage to try because we can’t be certain of the outcome. And I guess in a world which is increasingly uncertain, then certainty is something we yearn for. 

But in order to take that risk and try something different, there can be no certainty, other than you will learn a great deal in trying, and if you truly believe you will succeed, then you will.

So there’s the difference: confidence is being certain of the outcome; whereas courage is having the bravery to just have a go. The Ring of Confidence I referred to earlier is the USP of a toothpaste which told us that if we used it, we could be absolutely certain that our teeth would be white and our breath fresh all day long!

I found a quote by John Wayne which made me smile: “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” 

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