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Metaphor is such a useful tool to help clients connect with something conceptual. Take our core beliefs and operating systems: I’ve started using technology references to help clients work through challenges and letting go of judgement. Are you an Apple or an Android? The two systems are different. They are interoperable (just about) but they have been created with a completely different ethos, and as a consequence, have different functionality. One is not better than the other, they are simply different (cries of anguish and disagreement from the tech community….!). 

For some, conversations about values and beliefs are unappealing. I’ve recently found that asking clients to think about a role they may have been given within their family elicits a response, and a corresponding set of activities and beliefs.

As the youngest of four by some stretch, I believe I was given a role about keeping the four children connected and supported. I believe my parents gave me this role (unconsciously). Others I have heard recently have been ‘fixer’, or ‘joker’ or ‘patriarch’. And when you delve deeper into what those roles mean for the individual in terms of behaviours, then you can begin to uncover the core operating system of beliefs and values.

And we don’t just have the one, we often have many, and they all form part of our identity.

I love the work of Joseph Campell on the Hero’s Journey. I wonder what quests our core operating system roles take us on every day. I notice that sometimes they are helpful and exciting, and sometimes they have a less positive consequence for me and others around me. And sometimes our core operating systems could do with a reboot.

How is your Apple or Android working? What would you like to change? Be a hero or heroine and reboot your system to open up new possibililties.



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