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How is your smiling going? Are you 793.7% more attractive yet? On reflection, what have you noticed that’s standing in your way from smiling?

A while ago I blogged about Scar Tissue and how we can sometimes struggle to overcome events. Sometimes, we don’t know the scar tissue is there until someone or something points it out. Recently, my partner didn’t finish something he said he would do for me and my reaction was considerably more fierce than either he or I would have expected under the circumstances. Unwittingly, he’d unconvered some scar tissue. 

Now that I’m aware of it, I want to apply some soothing oils and heal the skin. I want to move forward and not be reminded of the ugly scar. I came across a brilliant quote which I think sums these situations up: You cannot change what you refuse to confront.

So, if you’ve noticed something that’s stopping your smile, or shortening it, I wonder whether you’ll choose to confront the challenge and move forward? Let me know.

When thinking about ‘denial’ I always think of ostriches and how they put their heads in the sand. To help you enjoy the healing power of smiling, here’s a clip from Fantasia involving ostriches. It’s a favourite of mine and contains my alter ego, a hippopotamus ballerina 🙂



you cannot change what you choose not to confront.jpg