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Some days, the fence looks so comfortable doesn’t it?

I know I’ve sat up there for weeks at a time. The effort involved in staying finely balanced, not coming down on one side or the other, is extraordinary. 

I’ve had a run of clients recently who have been exploring mid-life career changes. In all cases that has been stepping off the corporate ladder with the security of a monthly salary, and ultimately going self-employed (is there such a thing as a secure monthly salary these days??).

Standing on the edge of a cliff; looking into the abyss; and other such expressions have been plentiful. In almost all cases they have felt like the decision has been theirs to make alone, and that they are the only ones ever to have faced a decision like it.

What if you knew that you were surrounded by other people who’ve faced similar choices? What if you knew that once they’d made those choices, they flourished? They were on the right path and playing to their strengths?

I had a lovely Note from the Universe recently. It said:

“Meriel, do you ever wonder whether you’re on the right path? Do you sometimes feel vulnerable in new relationships? Does certainty elude you when big decisions loom? Outstanding! Fantastic! All the legends who came before you also said, “YES!” Walking on sunshine, The Universe”

I feel better just knowing that I’m not alone. Don’t you?

Eighties pop videos sometimes really make me smile. Check out Katrina and the Waves. Fantastic!