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Towards the end of last year, they began repeating The West Wing on Sky. It’s my favourite TV show of all time. Nevermind that I have all the DVD’s, I still find myself glued to it in the odd spare moment.

Although it’s about working at The White House, it’s success lies in the way the human stories always unfold. Instead of focussing on great political debates, the programme frequently chooses the path of the human struggle and what can be learned. Oh, and the dialogue is sparkling!

One episode in particular ends with a wonderful allegory. A staff member is suffering from PTSD and his boss tells him a story. Watch the exchange between Josh Lyman and Leo McGarry – the story starts at around 40 seconds into the clip.

As a coach, I work with people who have fallen into holes. I could lean in and offer you a hand to pull you out. Or I could jump in there with you because I already know the way out. And once you learn the way out for yourself, the next time you fall into that same hole, you’ll be able to climb out yourself. More helpful for you, isn’t it?