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Busy being successful? Or busy being happy?

It’s amazing how we are driven to measure success in terms of career achievements, isn’t it? Our focus is on this area in our lives. 

When you meet people for the first time, after they’ve got your name, the second question is usually “and what do you do?”. And their definition of success will be visible in their reaction to your response to that question.

I’m lucky, most people don’t really understand when I say that I’m a coach, so there’s a genuine curiosity. But if your occupation doesn’t match their definition of success, you could be met with a glazed smile and a quick exit.

I’m often hearing from clients that they are driven to succeed at work and that they also want to spend more quality time with their families and are struggling to find the right blend. Or that when they do go home, there’s a list of jobs they’ve created for themselves so that their home empire looks and feels successful. And they’ve forgotten about doing the things they really enjoy that create for them that strong sense of self and well-being.

Success is about being good at life. Start living yours now.

Perhaps the answer to that question is: “I’m really enjoying life right now. How about you?”