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β€œOne’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” Henry Miller.

The Coaching Journey is such an over-used and cheesy phrase these days. And yet so apt. Of course there’s a destination in mind, as any Coach will tell you the importance of setting goals and taking steps towards achieving them.

And the more time I spend coaching, the more I reflect on the benefit of holding those goals lightly. Or perhaps setting something broader, like an intention, and to be more open to the wealth of insights you’ll receive along the way. 

Goals suggest striving to me. And I’m not a fan of striving. It’s a particularly Western and Patriarchal activity, steeped with the masculine energy of thrust and momentum. I spoke a while ago about Bringing Your All instead of Being the Best. And I believe that Goals can draw us towards Best more than it does towards All.

I have a colleague who regularly heads into the mountains. It’s time away. But also because the height from a mountain offers her a different perspective. Things look different from up there. It’s like stepping away from the proximity of your life, and viewing it from a distance (meta). 

One of the greatest gifts coaching can offer is the visibility of another perspective. A new way to look at things. The illumination of choice when things seem stuck. There is real value in the journey rather than the destination.