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I changed my car recently, to a newer version of the same model. My expectation was that it would be like driving the same car. They told me the engine was a different build and that I should get more MPG on this one than the last model. But otherwise the driving experience would be pretty similar.

The very first thing that happened was that on the drive home, I noticed the car pulling to the left. I hadn’t picked this up on the test drive (too excited I think). I also noticed that the car seemed very twitchy on the road, which I found unnerving. A few years ago, I came a cropper on a patch of black ice very early one morning on the way to work, and rolled my car upside down into a ditch. As a result, I’m very cautious on wet or icy roads, so a car that twitches on dry ones didn’t bode well for me.

So I started to worry. And what happens when you worry? You start to imagine all the things that could go wrong. And if you’ve been reading my blogs on the Laws of Attraction, then you will know that your brain will actually start looking for them, noticing little faults everywhere, until your mind has built an entirely negative picture of a person, thing or experience. 

Basically, if you ask your brain to focus on something, it will find the evidence for you. So if you are focussing on an unhelpful behaviour if your own, or someone else’s, you will keep noticing how often that behaviour occurs.  If you believe you are no good at something, I guarantee you that you will repeatedly find the evidence to back up that belief. 

Given that’s how the brain works, why not ask it to focus on something positive? Like the great things my friends say about me and why I feel good about myself? Or the 100 reasons why my new business might come to me easily, fast and harmoniously? 

To finish the story about my car, the dealer has been fantastic. There were some things wrong with the car, and then there were those things which I worried about needlessly. I realised myself that I was starting to look for the negative and seeing things which weren’t there, so I changed the conversation and started to tell myself how much I enjoyed driving the new car, and wasn’t it a great experience. And guess what, it is!

Bobby McFerrin absolutely nailed this experience when he wrote ‘Don’t worry, be happy’. If you’ve forgotten how great this tune is, then take five and listen to it again