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Today is a dear friend’s birthday, and it started me thinking about friendship. I count myself amongst the very lucky, and have lots of friends. Each of those relationships is unique, and each has it’s own level of emotional investment on either side.

I’m one of those people who struggles with the superficial – there you go, even using the word tells you something about me – so for me to have a close or intimate friendship with someone, there can be no superficiality. And no superficiality also means showing my friends who I really am, being vulnerable, being authentic.

It strikes me that letting people see the real ‘you’ is one of the biggest challenges we face. For me, having the courage to really be who I am in all relationships and situations, rather than playing the role I think the other person wants me to play, remains a challenge. And I don’t think I’m alone out there in meeting this challenge.

I can count on one hand those who are true friends: by that I mean someone who will love you no matter what, who will help you find your own way rather than tell you the way to go, and who will drop everything to be with you when you need them.  Jules is one of those friends.

Happy Birthday Jules!

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