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Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, fantastic movie 🙂 What happens when a group of soldiers are stationed in Hawaii waiting for America to join WW2. 

The passage of time is so interesting isn’t it? I’ve blogged before about how it seems to speed up the older we become. Yet in certain circumstances, it goes into slow motion as we experience the moment in stunning detail. When I look at the picture of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr on the beach, I believe that they will be experiencing time in slow motion.

I’m fifty in October, and now understand my elder siblings’ expression of concern about somehow ‘fitting it all in’. I’m more than half way through my life, and there is still much I choose to experience. I’m aware that I’m packing out my diary, and then looking for gaps to fit more stuff in, and feeling a creeping unease at there simply not being enough time. 

All of which stops me being present in the moment, and enjoying life today. Deep breath, count to ten. 

A friend of mine recently expressed a similar concern, as he is heading towards his 60th birthday. I asked The Universe, and here’s what came back: Eternity is a really, really, really long time Meriel. I think we’ll be able to squeeze everything in, relax. Peace, love and blue jeans, The Universe.

I pondered on the meaning for a while. And realised I was being encouraged to live NOW, each day to the full, each experience in detail. Completely present in the moment. Like Burt and Debra.

Enjoy eternity everyone!

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