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absolute pleasure….” as the song goes. Rocky Horror fans among you will know which one I mean!

I’ve always loved Rocky Horror, maybe it’s a generation thing, having been born in the sixties. Or maybe that it’s a story about someone who spends their life in the pursuit of pleasure and things which make them happy…. “I’ve been making a man with blonde hair and a tan….”  is a line which always makes me smile!

Fundamentally, Rocky Horror is about someone who is living their dream.

Sometimes, I find that lyrics pop into my head, and as I was sitting at the keyboard this morning, the line about absolute pleasure popped into my head. So I logged onto YouTube to remind myself of the song and to look at the full lyric. It’s near the end of the show, and until today I had not really appreciated the main message of the song – it’s actually called “Don’t dream it, be it”.

The message is clear – live your dreams. 
There is nothing like a dream to create the future. 

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