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I find myself shouting at the telly or radio when things really annoy me and over which I feel I have no agency. I’m particularly annoyed when I hear really poor grammar from the BBC (I have high expectations!); and more recently, the constant political shenanigans. The last decade to be frank, culminating with what a dear friend described as “the Trussterf**k”.

Frustration. Which is: “the feeling of being upset orĀ annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something.”

I can continue shouting things and releasing my anger, but it won’t change the source of my frustration. To release frustration, I must take action. The consequence of not taking action is to feel out of control, as if life is being done to oneself, rather than being in command.

When it was mooted that Boris might throw his hat into the ring for the most recent Tory leadership contest, I knew that this would propel me into action. I couldn’t carry on shouting, I would have to get off my backside, carry a placard, and head to somewhere and demonstrate. My feelings are strong on this issue.

And you all will have strong feelings about other issues. Are you still shouting, or are you going to take action? It can be a small action, and I guarantee that when you take it, you’ll feel like you are making progress and your frustration will reduce.

I wrote last month about clarity of vision and having felt a bit adrift. I let that go on rather a long time. And now I have a plan to create a new VisionBoard with my husband, and I’ve set a deadline for completing it. I feel like I’m on my way, a sense of purpose and liberation.

It’s just a small thing. If you want 2023 to be a year without frustration, then I encourage you to embrace taking action. I promise you’ll feel better for doing it, whatever ‘it’ is.