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No, I’m not Paul McKenna! 

My Notes from the Universe have a habit of landing just when I need them most. Well, of course they do, that’s The Universe in evidence. Today, my Note read: “Meriel, whatever you think someone else is thinking, they’re probably not. But they are receiving signals about what you think they’re thinking, Meriel… and these signals could change what they’re thinking. So connected, The Universe.”

This week, my brain has been engaged in mind-reading. I’m neither Paul McKenna nor Spock. But I have been exhibiting some extraordinary talents in making up stories about what someone else is thinking about me. Does that sound familiar now?

Mind-reading is the ability to be certain, without actually asking the other person, what it is that they are thinking about. And specifically, what they are thinking about YOU! How much time do we waste imagining and worrying about what others are actually thinking about us? Too much. And especially when we know that what we think about is what we bring about. 

Mind-reading happens a lot for me when I’m uncomfortable with either the way I responded to someone, or my own thoughts about a person. So it manifests as a kind of transference. “They must think THIS about me…” when in reality, what I need to come to terms with, is that I think THIS about me.

When you really listen to what you are saying to yourself in your head or out loud… If I do THIS then he will think I’m THAT……. then it may be that you are in some conflict about your own thoughts and actions. 

But as with the quote above, when you approach a converation with the other person whose mind you are attempting to read, you’ll be amazed at their ability to tune into your own internal dialogue, and your body language, and this will have an impact on the whole interaction. And perhaps what you wanted to avoid in terms of their thinking about you will, in fact, manifest itself. 

So my advice for today is to notice that mind-reading and ask yourself to whom the behaviours really apply?


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