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Okay, so it’s the New Year. We are two weeks in. How many of you are still on the diet, given up smoking, haven’t touched a drop or are in the ‘chocolate is soooo yesterday’ zone? More importantly, how many of you aren’t? What is stopping you from sticking to your New Year’s Resolution?

A family member recently said to me ‘several people have suggested to me that I should become a teacher’. And because other people have suggested it, it seems like a good idea. I think that’s called Peer Pressure.

One of the reasons that New Year’s Resolutions sometimes fail is that they aren’t areas where we are honestly resolved to make lasting change. They aren’t our outcomes, they are someone else’s (or what’s trendy at the time).

If you want to make a lasting change, think about what you really want as opposed to really want to give up. How much do you want it, are you really prepared to make that change, is there anything positive that you are getting from the unwanted behaviour? Focus on how you will look, sound and feel when you’ve made the change.

No more ‘I should’, and hello ‘I will’.