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THE greatest showman, surely, was Freddie Mercury. Which reminds me, Bohemian Rhapsody the movie is currently free on Amazon Prime and I must take the opportunity to revisit it.

I digress.

I was attending one of my regular School of Facilitation get-togethers. We were spending the afternoon developing some marketing strategies for our businesses and sharing where we are with our businesses in 2021 and plans for the future. A colleague and I are similarly wired and express ourselves regularly through the medium of music.

As many of you already know, I’m a little bit Pink Floyd and prog rock. And I’m often drawn to music which has a visceral quality to it. So I was describing how I wanted to focus my business on helping people who have arrived at a sense of wanting to live purposefully from hereon, and in particularly those who’ve had a pandemic revelation. And my musical metaphor was that I would reach out to those who had realised they were Comfortably Numb (awesome Pink Floyd track). 

My fellow musical coach paused and said to me…”Or you could go with I want to break free by Queen.” YES!! Because the energy of that song and video is completely different. You can’t help but smile as Freddie Mercury hoovers around the living room of his two-up two-down terrace in a black mini-skirt, suspenders and heels. His outfit is anything but mundane. If you’ve forgotten, or are simply too young, then please do take a few minutes and watch it here.

There’s going to be a theme this year with my blogging. I want to focus a little more on living purposefully and how I might help you to achieve that. I’ll probably still write about some random stuff as well. But I realise that my passion is ignited when I think about helping people of all ages live a life of purpose….your purpose, whatever that is. 

Your life. Your terms. Your purpose.