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This morning I was Googling for quotes about happiness. I publish a quote every day, and find that a daily reminder of one of life’s little messages keeps me on track.

So often I have heard the words “I won’t be happy until….” as if happiness is something which is outside of your control. When you hear yourself say those words, stop. Ask yourself ‘Who is in control of my happiness?”  

If you aren’t in control of your happiness, who is? And if you aren’t in control of your happiness, what other emotions have you chosen to give away to someone or something else to command?

You are the keeper and master of your whole being. When you allow someone else to command an element of you, you are giving yourself away, piece by piece. One day, you may find there is nothing left to give.

So, ask yourself again ‘Who is control of my happiness?”  

Say it loud, “I AM!!!”

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