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Have you ever heard yourself say ‘I just want a quiet life’? I know I’ve said it, and there are definitely still days when I think it! 

I was reviewing my year recently, and my family trials and tribulations. Last year there were more trials than tribulations for the Swain family. There was certainly a point towards the end of the year when I wondered when things would improve and here we are in May 2015, back in the space of tribulations. 

When we are in the depths of being challenged, and asking ‘why me’, or worse ‘woe is me’, it’s a challenge to remain positive and ask oneself ‘what can I learn from this experience’, isn’t it? There are times, frankly, when wallowing feels fab! But I have to observe that some of the most challenging experiences I’ve had have also been the ones which have shed the most light on an aspect I hadn’t considered. And it’s changed me.

Looking at my newsfeed on Facebook recently, a few of my friends have been posting about bereavement, and airing their frustration about the loss and the seeming random selection. I came across this little gem, and I wonder if the answer to our question ‘why me’ is contained within this sentiment?

So when we are feeling challenged, I wonder if it’s because there’s an opportunity for us to change and move forward to something more spectacular….