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When you are starting your own business, Invest to Save is a phrase which is often used to describe one’s early activities. You put a lot of stuff ‘out there’, offer freebies, network like crazy, and eventually you will get something back in return.

When I started out, a good friend mentioned to me that she had signed up for some free mentoring. I was intrigued that there was a business out there based on offering freebies. And being in ‘start-up’ mode, I wondered this might be a good thing for me to do. Be a free mentor. 

I followed up her suggestion and signed up to be a mentor for six months and was paired with a mentee. It was a complete life-saver in the early days, enabling me to keep my skills fresh, keep me motivated, and help someone else in the process. The particular scheme I am a member of lasts for six months, and then if you want to continue, you are paired with another mentee. 

It has got me thinking about the meanting of ‘Invest to Save’ and I wonder whether you will invest any of your time, this week or next, to save someone else?

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