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“To get good, it’s helpful to be willing, or even enthusiastic, about being bad.” Daniel Coyle.

When I saw this quote, I couldn’t help but think of Norman Wisdom. He typifies the person who is joyously bad at many things he turns his hands to…. in the first instance. His talent, which he practices all the time, is making people laugh. He just hasn’t realised it!

Recently, I’ve had a lot of conversations about learning new skills. This has been in the context of role changes at work. And clients noticing that since the took on new areas of work, their confidence has dipped, they aren’t feeling in command in quite the same way, and life has suddenly become more challenging. Why’s that?

I share with them my badly drawn version of the picture below and ask them to notice where they are on the staircase. You might find the picture useful and remember it whenever you take on something new. 


Competence ladder.png