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“Enlightenment must come little by little – otherwise it would overwhelm”. Idries Shah

Every now and then I come across a client who jokingly asks if their challenge(s) can be resolved in a single session. Very occasionally, that’s the case. 

What is more likely is that upon scratching the surface a little, more challenges emerge. A shopping list if you like. For one or more items to be checked-out at each session.

In our time-pressured world, we all want everything NOW. And even if it were possible to work through many challenges in one coaching session, yours and my head might explode! Talking honestly and openly about our challenges is hard work, it’s tiring. Emotionally taxing. I notice that at a certain point, clients get a look on their face which tells me their brains are full. They now need time to go away and process the conversation.

There may not have been a dramatic light-bulb moment during our conversation….perhaps a series of small sparks instead? And if you are prepared to trust in the process and give time and energy to your mind to work through the sparks, your enlightenment will follow. And the process will repeat with each session.

Coaching helps you take steps. Little by little. The light will come. Rather like a dimmer switch being gently turned up as opposed to a torchlight in your face. 

I definitely prefer the dimmer switch approach, don’t you?

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