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I’ve noticed that when I am really focussed on something I enjoy doing, that time races by, and I appear to lose myself. It’s a wonderful feeling, glancing at your watch, and realising that time has leapt forward without you noticing. Shortly followed by the ‘gosh, where did that time go’ feeling. It’s a conundrum isn’t it – personally I don’t want life to rush by without my enjoying it, but the more I enjoy it, the faster it seems to go.

When clients tell me they feel stuck, I often ask them to think about what excites them, what makes them want to get out of bed in the morning, what their passions are. It’s a great way to explore the activities or values in life which are really important to you. From there you can create a plan to put more of what excites you into your life and change the balance from drag to delight. 

I love to sing. I’m a member of a couple of choirs, and I really enjoy singing and performing with other people. For me, music is the ultimate form of non-verbal communication. When I’m singing with others, I lose all sense of time, and I lose myself completely. Yet at the same time, I have more of a sense of exactly who I am in that moment than at any other time. So in the act of losing myself, I find my true self as well.

Imagine, if you will, how it will look, or feel, or sound, to lose yourself in an activity you love, connecting you with the person you truly are inside, and experiencing life in a flash of pleasure and delight? If you are enjoying that imagining, take steps to turn your imagination into reality.