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No, this isn’t a Mercator thing! Welcome to my Blog – I wonder if it will get you thinking today, tomorrow or next week?

So, if it’s not a Mercator thing, what is it?

Your mind is the product of all the learning you’ve had in your lifetime. Any and all learning. The sea might be a welcoming and invigorating experience for you if you’ve always had fun in it, which may lead you to always book holidays by the sea. Or it might be a sinister, grey giant if you once swallowed a lot of it as a child, and prefer to book inland holidays. Either way, when someone asks you whether you’d like to be near the coast or not, your response will be based on how you feel about the sea.

You view the world based on all your experiences to date. These experiences get processed by your mind, and become part of your unique framework for making decisions about everything in life. Whether it’s a Yes or No. Sometimes those experiences create behaviours or beliefs which are unhelpful to us if we want to move forward. My blogs are a journey through my clients’ maps and how we removed the obstacles impeding the progress on their circumnavigation. 

Welcome to your Map of the World.

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