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I’m about two-thirds of the way through an online personal discovery programme about Personal Intelligence. It’s called the PQ Programme (Personal Intelligence Quotient), and it beautifully packages much of what’s already known about in the neuroscience world into a format which is easy to follow for individuals and great for us coaches to use with clients.

Today I thought it would be really helpful to share with you the nine saboteurs, as well as The Judge, our top sabateur. The Judge is very often the catalyst for one or more of the others appearing.

When you look at these nine saboteurs, what do you notice for yourself? We all have The Judge and can recognise their voice in our heads. Mine is noisier directed either at others or at situations. My self-judgement has diminished in recent years. And when I took the online assessment, I found that my most active saboteurs where the Controller, Avoider and Pleaser. And I recognise them all on a daily basis.

I have been learning through a system of mindful brain retraining to recognise each saboteur thought, and activate a different part of my brain where my Sage lives (more about that next time). And so far, I’m finding it very useful.

How much of a role do these saboteurs play in your life? What are the consequences for you? What might you be missing out on?

Drop me a line and let me know?