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I hadn’t been to my local Jelly (a co-working event) for some time. It was always something I attended without fail, every other Friday. A bunch of us who ‘work from home’ would meet in an empty office and work from it for a day, as a pseudo office environment. You can get a bit stir crazy when you work from home for several days on the trot, I can tell you!

One of the things which is great about co-working is being able to enjoy the conversations that one might ordinarily have standing round the photocopier, or drinks machine. One of the downsides is you are working in an open plan office all day with people whose goal is to connect with another human being, face-to-face, and there’s an awful lot of chat!

On this occasion, our conversation ranged from the absurd (Facebook groups called Christians Against Dinosaurs, or Dinosaurs who are Against Christians against Dinosaurs) to the philosophical (Is Religion the Root of all Evil) to the practical (moving house). I thoroughly enjoyed them all and laughed myself silly on occasions. But all the while, there was this little voice running in the back of my head ‘I’m supposed to be doing some creative stuff, thinking about blogs’ and so on. I was mentally fixated on what I had planned to do, but wasn’t actually doing. I could blame others for distracting me, or I could take responsibility for quite masterfully distracting myself. I was enjoying the conversations far too much.

Being something of a planner myself, it won’t surprise you that I keep a list of topics which I think may interest my readers. When I confessed to the assembled Jelliers that I was struggling with writers block and didn’t know what to blog about, wasn’t in the right space, blah blah blah, one of them suggested, jokingly, that I blog about being distracted.

On looking through my list of thoughts for future blogs, I found this Note from The Universe:

“Relax, Meriel, enjoy, stop second guessing yourself. All creative types require distractions, interruptions, and sometimes a little drama to get the most done and to blow the most minds. You are so where you need to be – The Universe.”

How serendipitous is that?
Next time you are distracted, or choose to be distracted, I wonder if you’ll notice the benefit? I certainly have!