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In my last blog I talked about the laws of attraction, and I’d like to head off down that avenue again, although down a little offshoot branch.

I like to think I’m open minded. But I am also aware that at times I can be quite judgemental, especially if a value I hold dear has been breached by someone else. When this happens, I experience a disproportionately emotional response which can cloud my judgement temporarily.  

Why am I sharing all this with you? Well, it’s because we are so much more than our behaviour. We all screw-up from time to time. But determining one’s personality, or who they are inside, based on a single mistake, means you are probably going to miss a great deal of other wonderful things about that person. Equally, if you are the person who screwed-up, how helpful is it for you to define yourself by that event. The laws of attraction will determine that you continue to repeat that belief and behaviour. Not helpful at all!

I’ve probably mentioned before that I’m an NLP practitioner; and NLP focuses on behaviour as a diagnostic tool. The way a person behaves tells you something about them. It’s like a symptom. But it isn’t who they are.

Another great line from Dr Frank N. Furter in Rocky Horror: ‘Maybe the rain isn’t really to blame, so I’ll remove the cause but not the symptom (watch the clip right to the end!).  

Perhaps you have an unhelpful or unwanted behaviour that is pointing to a cause which needs removing?

Tim Curry Symptom.gif