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Communal changing rooms, love them or hate them? On the plus side, there’s lots of room to get (un)dressed rather than in tiny cubicles. On the minus side, other people might see you naked!

 Being on the large side, for most of my life I have found the prospect of being seen without clothes quite a challenge. That is, until I discovered communal changing rooms in sports clubs. 

I was completely stunned to find the owners of beautiful bodies (well, they looked that way to me) hiding behind towels, or cowering in cubicles, never daring to be seen naked by anyone else. I wondered what they could possibly have to be ashamed of about their looks as I surveyed my orange-peel thighs.

 I met some friends one evening for a game of badminton. One of them disappeared into a cubicle to change, exclaiming that they would not inflict their nudity on anyone else. As they disappeared off, I looked on and thought to myself ‘If I looked like that I wouldn’t worry about being seen naked, I would be dancing for joy.’

I’ve learned to love myself from both the inside and the outside. I wonder whether you will learn to love yourself too, will it be this week or next week?

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