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You know you’re afraid of something when you hear the voice in your head say ‘I’ll never be able to do that’. I’ll NEVER be able. In coach-speak, we call that a limiting belief. I bet you’ve got some, I know I certainly have. And of course, my voice shouted at me when the team at Motus asked me to join their pack for a Wolf Run in September.

There are a couple of questions to ask yourself at this point when you are telling yourself that you’ll NEVER be able to do that:

  • What, never?
  • What’s stopping you from doing that?
  • What causes you to believe you will never be able to do that?
  • Can you remember a time when you were able to do that?  This is a great question to then explore and build on a memory of when the activity was possible in the past, which enables the client to imagine doing the activity in the future.

These questions are designed to find out what the blocker is, and therefore the limiting belief which can then be removed with coaching.

With the Wolf Run, I was able to think about a time when I’d been very active in the past, and build on it with recent experiences and evidence, and very quickly I changed my belief from ‘Ill NEVER be able to run’ to ‘I’m fit and healthy’. I may not be nimble, but I will be a runner!

The day after the team at Motus asked me to join them, I received a very interesting note from The Universe. It said: ‘There is no choice you’ve ever made, Meriel, nor any you will make, that will limit you as much as you may fear. Nor even limit you at all. How cool is that? The Universe.’

So if there’s anyone out there who keeps hearing their head voice say ‘I’ll NEVER be able to do that’, let’s have a chat so we can change that voice into ‘I can’. If you want to understand how to do something, and remove the fear, then take a step towards it.