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Oh yes, you’ve got to have a plan, haven’t you? Is there a time in our life when we are encouraged not to have a plan? School plan, exam plan, study plan, savings plan, workload plan, wedding plan, project plan, business plan, financial plan, pension plan, funeral plan, plan, plan, plan, plan. At this point in my musings, Monty Python has popped into my head. For Plan get Spam. If you fancy a giggle, remind yourself about spam and how it was everywhere in the 1970s with this Monty Python sketch.

But seriously, if our world was once dominated by spam, it has always been dominated by the message to plan, and plan for every conceivable eventuality. We spend so much time in the detail of our plans, its easy to lose sight of the outcome we originally wanted.

What if there was an alternative?

What if you could live your life with a vision? A vision of the life of your dreams, your manifesto based on your identity and values, complete with a purpose and legacy? And no plan 🙂

Come with me and step into a plan-free existence!

You don't always need a plan.jpg