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Many moons ago I blogged about the path less travelled, having been sparked by the Robert Frost poem. This time, it’s a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

My first couple of blogs this year focussed on career changes and purposeful living. It’s such a theme at the moment as we are still working out our new normal as a consequence of The Pandemic. TV is full of it, in particular, programmes like Clarkson’s The Farm or Kelvin Fletcher’s Big Farming Adventure, showing us the benefits of a different lifestyle. And perhaps many of you think that’s not achievable unless you’ve got very deep pockets.

One of the things which always strikes me when working with clients on finding different ways to generate an income is the reliance on what’s already out there. The labels and job titles which already exist….you know when you are entering text into a search box and a list comes up which you have to choose from? I often struggle as a Coach as frequently there’s just Sports Coach, and I have to choose Consultant.

It may interest you to know that in technology terms, these lists are called “Constrained Values”. Just typing those words makes me realise the design of constraint which we are being shackled with.

We find ourselves in a bind. If it doesn’t already exist, that means we;ve got to get out there and create it. And suddenly we’ve created for ourselves an endeavour like the ascent of Everest. And what we forget is that when we are truly aligned to a gift or talent, and a purpose that we feel, we’ll stop at nothing to realise our dream. When we are able to tap into that, we thrive.

Emerson is right. Just because there’s no path doesn’t mean you can’t blaze a trail. Create a new path. Don’t be constrained by someone else’s values, job titles, world view, and so on.

Come and work with me and I’ll show you the joy of going off piste!