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At exams, at my job, at interviews, at line-dancing, at public speaking…….  No, I really am rubbish at line-dancing!

All it takes is one bad experience and a limiting belief is created about our ability to perform a particular activity ie I can’t line dance. The unconscious mind prevents us from doing that activity again in order to protect us from experiencing the negative emotion we experience when we do it. It’s very sweet, but really unhelpful. After hours of coaching, my client finally expressed their limiting belief, which was they simply weren’t good enough. This was holding the client back from taking the next steps they needed (and recognised they needed) to take in their career.  

It’s incredible if you dig around a bit about past experiences and begin to find evidence that on more than one occasion, the desired behaviour has been present. Repeat this trawl in your mind to find examples of being fantastic, and be amazed that your limiting belief evaporates and the new, more powerful you, steps into view.