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Following on from my blog in June about busyness, I am going to be focusing my attention and being busy on my health and well-being for a couple of years.

I set up my business in 2012 and have never looked back. In my middle years it’s given me the freedom to build a life in my community and have a very blended life with family and friends and spending time doing what I love (including working with clients!).

About a year ago I took the decision to semi-retire after some health scares. This year I am moving more into that space, and a space of doing new things. I’ll continue working with my lovely existing clients and anyone they refer me onto. I am spending more time on me, being in my community and, hopefully, more time travelling. I am building the next phase of my life.

I’ve decided to step away from promoting my business through blog writing and on LinkedIn. I’ve been writing blogs for more than ten years – they are all here on my website for you to peruse and find something relevant and supportive.

I’m still here, just less actively so. Pastures New.

Here’s me and Steve in the Cape Province last October. Lots more of that in future!