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I set myself a task to write blogs today. Housework is starting to look attractive, now that I’ve exhausted the internet…

I’ve been publishing blogs on my website for almost five years now. Looking back, I can see how earnest my early endeavours were. How driven I was to produce the perfect blog, with a wonderful personal development message in it, written in a way that would appeal to all.

And back in those days, I’d put aside time to write a blog or two, and become so caught up in that perfection that distractions became the norm. 

Five years later, I’ve learned that spontaneity works. I’ve let go of the need to appeal to all of you, all of the time. Some will resonate with you, some wont. You’ll be okay with that, won’t you?  

And when I look at the content and quality of the writing, I can see that things have got a whole lot better than in those early days. No more agonising about perfection.

More wise words from Mark Twain below.