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At last, my first ever video appearance is on YouTube. Shot in an ‘edgy’ fashion on a mobile phone, it feels a little arty to me. Wait, the phone’s ringing, could that by the RSC calling already??  I jest.  

My colleague Darren Putt (Motus Training) and I decided to launch my service to Motus clients by making a short video. Something neither of us had done before. We talked about what might be of most interest to potential clients, and decided to do a short interview where I would talk a little about coaching but also share some stuff about me. I wrote us a little script, we put aside a couple of hours, and gave it a go.  I mean, how challenging could it be?

Our first attempt was peppered with ‘ums’, ‘ers’ and the occasional swear word when the inspiration evaporated and our minds simply blanked. But we decided to continue with the take as we knew we’d learn something from the playback, before having another go.

I don’t know about Darren, but on reviewing the first video, I was horrified. Do I really look that fat? OMG I sound so posh. Why am I waving my hands about all the time, like the Queen waving to her subjects? I’m really waffling and not making my point at all well. My friends are going to have a field-day when they see this. Yadda yadda yadda.

Four takes and ten days later, we nailed it. You can see the finished product here. When Darren uploaded the video to YouTube, and I published a link to it on social media, I was beside myself with anxiety about what people would think. Not so much about how I look or sound, but more about the quality of what I’m saying and whether I made or missed key points, used the right language, and so on. But I took the plunge anyway.

The first person who Liked my Facebook post was a fellow Coach whom I really respect. And you know what that Like said to me? It said ‘well done girl for giving it a go, getting out there and doing something different.’ From a marketing perspective, I’ve been telling myself what’s best for my business and what’s not, when in reality it’s all been about what’s in my comfort zone and what isn’t. 

I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone, and it’s pretty good out here. Anyone care to join me outside of theirs?