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No one ever regrets raising the bar, Meriel, ever, ever, ever. Scare yourself, The Universe

Gene Wilder died at the end of August. I chose this picture as it’s from one of my favourite of his films, Young Frankenstein, a particularly black comedy also starring Marty Feldman. And it’s this wonderful look of awe or suprise on his face. It’s the audible gasp when one commits to doing something challenging.

Last year I raised my own bar dramatically when I committed to do the 10k Wolf Run, the bonkers endeavour as one of my friends put it. This year have seen a series of smaller raises, more focussed on work and also relationships. Each time is thrilling and rewarding in equal measure.

So when was the last time you raised your bar? It doesn’t have to be so high that it requires a pole vault, but perhaps something which challenges you to a run up and a leap over? If you are reading this and notice that you haven’t done anything which challenges you for a while, I wonder why? What’s stopping you? What needs to happen for you to do something new? If you aren’t sure, maybe I can help you ?

In terms of bonkers endeavours, then I guess trying to create a living creature from bits of dead people is probably right up there. Frankenstein certainly raised his own bar sky high. It’s a Mel Brooks film and definitely one of Gene Wilder’s finest. Here’s a little clip to whet your appetite. Enjoy! Maybe you’ll be inspired?