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The summer holidays are drawing to a close. Hopefully most of us have spent some time during the last seven week break being able to relax, recharge, and recreate?

I blogged a month or so ago about my family holiday, and the definition of the word ‘holiday’ being about leisure and recreation. In my head, if I pronounce the word ‘reckreation’ then it means fun and play, swings and roundabouts, rounders and tennis. Pronounced ‘reecreation’, to me the word means renewal and rebirth.

However, it seems to me that if you enjoy reckreation you are reecreated.

And as we head towards the Autumn term, nights begin to draw in, temperatures fall, and we prepare ourselves for Winter. We lose the sense of recreation that summer gives us. Why is that? To some extent, a good night’s sleep is recreation as our minds dream and play about with our thoughts to make sense of them.

I don’t know about you, but when my holidays end, I hang onto that sense of joy, play, and lust for life for as long as I possibly can. In fact, I hang onto it all year round.

Recreation isn’t a word you hear very often outside of faith circles. I like to include a picture or video of something with each blog. Recreation for me is embodied by the song ‘Morning has Broken’. I’m sure it was originally written as a hymn, however I’ve always been a Cat Stevens fan (if you are allowed to still call him that) and I adore his rendition. Enjoy the terrible lip-syncing on this old video. But most importantly, enjoy choosing a daily sense of recreation :o)