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Human beings are becoming more anxious (perhaps all living things are). The media tells us so. And in the last year I’ve had an increasing number of requests for support with anxiety.

Elizabeth Gilbert said: “It seems to me that the less I fight my fear, the less it fights back. If I can relax, fear relaxes, too.”

Stress is about now, anxiety is about the future. Sufferers of anxiety are very competent at being able to predict the future with absolute certainty. And experience and recognise a range of physical responses as a consequence. What is interesting is that when you explain that the body is behaving in exactly the way it was designed to (fight/flight), there’s an immediate relaxation.

Focus is another skill. Anxiety sufferers experience periods of intense focus. Anyone who has read my blogs about the Reticular Activating System (or the Law of Attraction) will understand how this works. Focus can be very exclusive – it obfuscates all else. So if you know someone who suffers from anxiety, helping them shift their focus is very beneficial. This might be a diversionary tactic, such as creating a visualisation, or listening to a favourite piece of music which alters the emotional state.

I don’t wish to trivialise, but from time to time, many of us experience a form of anxiety. If this resonates with you, then shifting your focus and thanking your body for responding in the way it was designed to do is a great start, and relief.