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“People do not seem to realise that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Interesting that he chose to use the word ‘confession’, don’t you think? I’d rather go with ‘an expression’. More neutral.

I quite like RWE’s quotes and realised just now that I know very little about him. Open a new tab and launch Wiki. So he’s an exponent of Transcendentalism…….follow the hyperlink for that as well. Ah, okay, now I get it.

Transcendentalism is about the inherent goodness of people and nature. That people are at their best when they are truly self-reliant. It values intuition over empirical data (no wonder I like RWE), and that individuals are capable of generating truly original insights instead of re-hashing someone else’s ideas.

And when you speak, you reveal what you believe. You may not realise you are doing it, but your choice of words may say a great deal about how you see the world. And your place in it, your uniqueness.

Sometimes, when we say things out loud, we realise that we don’t like what we are expressing (usually afterwards). Start listening to your voice, your truth. What is it saying about you? And would you like help to change your language or tone….or story?