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“You were not given talents to impress people. You were given them to help people. The Great News?  You are a STAR and you are a celebrity in someone’s life!  You have the power to be the star of someone’s day and influence his or her path.  Whether it’s your spouse, kids or co-workers, you have the opportunity to use your unique talents to make them feel star-struck.

You may not remember many Academy Award winners for Best Supporting Actor, but I am sure you remember the supporting people in your life that helped you to become more.  You may not think you hang with stars on a regular basis, but you are wrong.  You actively play this role in someone else’s life today and those stars are with you right now.  Imagine this to be true and you will think and act differently.”

My note from The Universe which I’m sharing with all you Stars out there today. Merry Christmas xxx


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