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Last week, I attended a Yoga class for the first time in my life. I did Pilates a few years ago and really enjoyed that, but didn’t stick with it. I got into resistance weight training instead (and still am). 

Yoga has always intrigued me. I’ve been aware of people being able to hold amazing poses for minutes on end, incredible poise and balance and STRENGTH. But at the back of my mind there’s been an unhelpful script running from a Billy Connolly sketch, and it’s stopped me from taking Yoga seriously.

Part of my daily routine is to write some affirmations. One of which is that I am an Exerciser. It is helping me alter my mindset towards one of taking exercise regularly as opposed to being fit.The latter is a state I don’t believe I’ll reach because I compare myself unhelpfully to others, but I CAN describe myself comfortably as an exerciser. And my exercise takes different forms: time with weights; time having fun (dancing); time being mindful (walking or yoga). It’s all good.

Earlier this year, I ran a couple of Mindfulness sessions in the village which were really well received. I meditate myself, and am aware how erratic my focus can be at times. When a new Yoga class started, I decided to give it a go. I was sceptical and concerned that my concentration would be all on being able to get into the positions and stay in them without collapsing.

Guess what? Focussing on your pose is a pretty mindful activity. That focus and concentration expelled other less helpful thoughts in my head. AND, I managed quite a few of the poses on my first visit. My abs and bingo wings have been screaming for the last 48 hours, but I’m dead chuffed I did it.

Taking time to nourish oneself is liberating and energising. Mindful. I recommend it. 

My cat performs her own yoga routine every day. Here’s one of her favourites.