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At the end of our honeymoon in September, we visited an NT property in Yorkshire. There was a room dedicated to conservation, and I came across this quote, attributed to a prominent Native American called Chief Seattle. He spoke much about ecology and how communities can live together and also have the least impact on the environment. 

I’m drawn to write the value of time, of creating memories. I’m writing this on a significant date for our family (it’s 13 October today….I know I’ll be publishing this blog in November). Seven years ago today, my eldest niece, Kate Shepherd, died. She was 36. Her mother, my sister, was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease (at the age of 66) and has moved to my village along with her eldest daughter, to settle here in this community.

Looking back to those first months of the pandemic in 2020, I recall how much was spoken about the time we were being given to spend with loved ones. And that so many of us shifted our focus towards ‘time’ and away from ‘consume’. I sense that focus has drifted somewhat back to consume since then as we are constantly invited to get ‘back to normal’. I’m sure many of you, like me, resist that sentiment, and are welcoming a new normal. 

Anyway, I recently got married and we were lucky enough to have most of our family and some close friends staying in the village for the celebrations. At times, I’ll be honest, I did want to be in a room on my own for an hour. And then I thought about the memories we were creating, the time we were able to spend together and the joy that will bring of the shared experience. The connection.

Today I’m also thinking about all the great times and memories I have of Kate. Her life left an imprint on our souls. She wasn’t here for long but she was good at finding opportunities to create memories and to follow her dreams. 

And when I think about how this relates to coaching and what I’m offering to you with these musings, it is the value of time. How can you create more time? To invest in yourself so that you are able to invest in others and create those memories? To focus on what’s really important right now in your life and wants your attention? 

I sense that so many of us don’t prioritise the time and run round in circles feeling resourceless and resentful. The proverbial “can’t see the wood for the trees”. Coaching can help you uncover what’s important for you and where you want to place your focus. 

One of my favourite pictures of Kate when she was little

When my time is up, I know I will be full of wonderful memories of shared experiences and the knowledge that I’ve spent my time doing what’s important to me. And I wish the same for all of you. Time, and life, are precious. Spend wisely.